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  • We at ONFH are on a mission to inspire as many as possible to wear the official ONFH T-Shirt with pride. We hope to raise $10,000 in 2019 through sales of our t-shirt to help the following organizations... The Scars Foundation, Good Neighbors Day Shelter & Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. Feeding hungry Americans and helping those with mental illness is very important to us. Please join us and become a ONFH Supporter today. 

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 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to help those in need. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Anyone who donates $5 or more will be entered into our Godsmack Swag Giveaway on Dec 25th 2019. Cut off date to enter giveaway is 12/18/19 after donations after this date of $10 or more or any store orders will be placed into our 2020 ONFH Giveaway.

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This video was created  5 years ago... "5 Guys Who Care" have sense moved on as life does... 

The message in this video still remains. Please take a minute to watch. I hope it will inspire many to join me in helping those in need. Click link below and download "It's Now or Never" every little bit helps.

Best Regards

Bob Graham / O.N.F.H. Founder


It's Now or Never (o.n.f.h. theme song)

Were do we start... In 2011 "It's Now or Never" was written and recorded by "5 Guys Who Care" no they were not a band just 5 musicians that believed in a great song written by O.N.F.H. founder Bob Graham. This song is the backbone of the O.N.F.H. company and that it is time we come together to make a change. Bob Graham tour the United States for 2 months in 2014 helping in soup kitchens and food banks and to hopefully bring awareness to those in need but also let the country hear his message... "It's Now or Never". The tour is over... The song lives on and the fight to make a difference is still burning inside Bob Graham. These days we our taking a different approach we would like to make O.N.F.H. a universal fundraising company and help several causes.

We need your support... Together we can make a difference.

Song of Hope

Buy  your copy of "Now or Never" for only .99 cents and earn 5 free raffle tickets into our 2019 giveaway. Proceeds going to help fund soup kitchens across America. 

Please click button below to be directed to iTunes to get your copy of this great song.

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