About Us

Our Founder



Hello, I am Bob Graham founder of O.N.F.H. also the drummer for “5 Guys Who Care” for many years I done as much as I could to make a difference in the lives of those less off. In doing so I made myself homeless at one point. Living on the road in a truck for 4 years personal belongings in storage and yet still never detoured me from helping those in need when I could. I even tour the United States in 2014 living in my vehicle for 2 months visiting homeless shelters and food banks across the country offering to volunteer in any task they may need done. 

(you can see photos of my journey on our photos page)

While traveling the country I was also promoting my song “It's Now or Never” hoping my message would be heard. My journey across America has come and gone. I took some time to focus on getting myself stable. I sense got nice home, great job and loving partner and best friend in life and her name is Renata and we have two amazing pets Bella & Lacey.

I feel the time is right for me to give back again and devote some positive energy to the cause I am still to this day very passionate about… FIGHTING HUNGER. 

One Night for Humanity was born, and that fire is lit again. I have realized after everything I have seen and been through, I can’t do this alone and without your support O.N.F.H. is just a dream that will never happen. 

Join me… Join us… Join the fight... Together we can make a change. 

Our Mission for 2019


The mission of O.N.F.H. is to bring awareness to the growing hunger problem in our country. Through awareness we can bring change… Through our ONFH merchandise we can raise funds to help support food pantries… local, regional and across the United States. We know will never stop hunger, we do know we can help fund shelters and food pantries in America so they can keep providing meals for those in their time of need.

At O.N.F.H. we believe if we can feed even one empty stomach then our efforts and your support is making a difference. Our goal this year is to raised $10,000 to help two New England soup kitchens and The Scars Foundation through our “One Night for Humanity” T-shirt and supporter bracelets also download sales of our charity song "It's Now or Never"  

Please join us on our mission and you can do that by sharing our information… Buying a ONFH t-shirt or ONFH supporter bracelet Together we can make a difference.