ONFH 2019 Supporter Appreciation Giveaway


ONFH Giveaway List & Giveaway Terms

The following items will be given away for FREE as we reach ONFH 2019 Revenue earned goals. Please retain your FREE ticket stubs till all prizes are given away. If you have any questions at anytime please contact me directly. 

401-632-2222 / onfh2019@gmail.com revenue earned to date - $3,287.97

Prize Giveaway Dates - 12/25/19 Final drawing will be live on our Facebook page at 6:00 pm EST. Click link and like our page to view drawings www.facebook.com/onfh2019 

  • $50 Cash Prize - Winning Ticket #2443008 (Claimed)
  • $100 Cash Prize - Winning Ticket #2442644 (Claimed)
  • $150 Cash Prize - Winning Ticket #2443744 (Claimed
  • Godsmack Swag Giveaway(Released for Giveaway on Xmas Day)

                         ONFH reserves the right to make changes at anytime

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to help those in need. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Anyone who donates $5 or more will be entered into our Godsmack Swag Giveaway on Dec 25th 2019. Cut off date to enter giveaway is 12/18/19 after donations after this date of $10 or more or any store orders will be placed into our 2020 ONFH Giveaway. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Godsmack giveaway


Framed 18" drum head signed by Godsmack


 Purchase the official ONFH t-shirt or make a donation of $10 and you will earn a FREE raffle ticket into our giveaway. Your raffle ticket will be mailed to you   

ONFH Signed Godsmack Guitar


On 7/26/2019 All the members of the rock band Godsmack signed this guitar to help us raise funds for 2 New England soup kitchens. We hope to give this away in 2019.